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fuck yeah, drive-by truckers

Album of the Day: 9/12/11


It’s not often newer albums get high praise for being timeless, partly because time is a part of how amazing a record really is, but I think this one deserves way more credit than it’s ever received.  Drive By Truckers have been around for a decade and a half with ten albums (eight major release) and enough miles to boot their country credibility.  Their live sets are unheard of in an age where the studio sound is most important.  As half country they of course bring the depression, hard drinking, and break ups of any outfit but with an honest grit that only they seem to share.  Right alongside the heartfelt lyrics is an obvious sense of fun and generosity.  After 15 these guys show no sign of stopping (including releasing this year record Go Go Boots), so don’t we owe them hours of listening time?

Album: The Big To-Do

Artist: Drive-By Truckers

Year: 2010

Why you need to hear it: You’ll hair will start flowing instantly as you’re transported to the passenger seat barreling down the open road.

Interesting Fact: To celebrate Record Story Day 2010, Drive-By Truckers released the vinyl-only single “Your Woman is a Living Thing” / “Just Maybe”.

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My favorite off Drive-By Truckers’ The Big To-Do, “Daddy Learned to Fly” live in classic bar scene.


There was a time when my advice to you would be to go and get you a whore. But I guess I’ve grown up. ‘Cuz I don’t give that kind of advice anymore.

Maybe it’s the twenty-six mile drive from Zip City to Colbert Heights
Keeps my mind clean
Gets me through the night
Maybe you’re just a destination, a place for me to go
A way to keep from having to deal with my seventeen-year-old mind all alone
Keep your drawers on, girl, it ain’t worth the fight
By the time you drop them I’ll be gone
And you’ll be right where they fall the rest of your life

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Drive-by Truckers - Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)  

Most likely how my youth went astray.  

Going to see them in about 4 hours!

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Your Third Beer: Once upon a time, my advice to you would have been go out and find...


Once upon a time, my advice to you would have been go out and find yourself a whore
But I guess I’ve grown up, because I don’t give that kind of advice anymore

Gonna be a world of hurt / Gonna be a world of hurt / Gonna be a world of hurt

I was 27 when I figured out that blowing my…

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